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You’re cruising down a river full of crocodiles, real crocodiles, scary-faced, big-toothed, prehistoric looking crocodiles. All eyes are on the water. You catch a quick movement in the trees above and sight on a Squirrel monkey just as she’s lept from one branch to the next. You know she won’t hang there long. Luckily you’re using your big lens.

Picture It

You’ve read the history, learned about the different political positions, and maybe even imagined what you would do if you were there during the revolts and revolutions. But it’s all theoretical. Inside the centuries-old Kilmainhan jail in Dublin, you suddenly get it. Those thick cement walls, cells without light, dark passageways where anything could happen. People knew what they were risking. A chill runs down your spine. You have to record this.

Picture It

You’re up at dawn in search of the Resplendent Quetzal. This mythical bird is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, which is why photographers from around the world travel to Central America to find it. Your guide got you there well before the other and motions silently upward. There he is, cocky crew cut head, scarlet chest puffed up, emerald tail sweeping the lower branches. The sun has just come out, and he shimmers like a handful of opals, rubies, and emeralds.




PIA puts together small-group photo expeditions that help you capture amazing images around the world. You don’t have to be a pro. You just have to want to get your best shots in the company of others who love photography.

We chose each site for its beauty, history, and variety. We use expert local guides who are extremely knowledgeable about the history, culture, and environments we visit because we believe this makes each photo more authentic and appealing.

We travel
as a small community.

8-14 people, taking meals together, sharing photo tips, participating in critiques, and supporting each other’s vision. You’ll always have a seasoned photographer with you to problem solve tricky lighting or difficult angles.

And unlike most travel companies, PIA finds the very best locally-owned businesses that support the local economy. We work hard to find hotels that have earned excellent sustainability ratings. Many of our sites offer farm-to-table meals and can accommodate most special diets.

Round-trip airfare
In-country travel
Excursion fees and tips
Jill Newton Moore


I was one of those teenage girls who tripped over my own feet, didn’t know how to girly myself up with products, and had no idea what to do with my hands except jam them deep into my pockets. Until I picked up my first SLR. Then everything began to make sense. Minor White wrote about Stieglitz’s concept of equivalence in photography. Being a photographer gives me equivalence in my life. Through a lens, I can frame it, and that should be with a capital f and capital i. Frame It. As in see it, make sense of it, understand my place it it, and show it to someone else.

That’s why, after teaching photography at a private college for decades, I started Picture It Adventures. I know there are so many of you out there who share the certainty that taking photos matters on some deep level. I want to make that into a great adventure for you. Take you places you’ve dreamt of. See to all the details while there. Encourage and support you. Teach you a bit if you’re up for it. And help you show off your work afterwards, whether in a book, on our blog, in a gallery, or on your own walls.

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