Suspension bridge Arenal National Park

Whenever I approach a suspension bridge in Costa Rica, I get that thrill of adventure. I know there will be something wonderful to see and photograph on the other side.
Will it be a mother sloth with a baby tucked against her chest?
An orchid I’ve never seen? There are 1,400+ species in CR!
A new butterfly?

It’s never the same from one trip to the next. Different wildlife, birds, blooms, even cloud formations and the play of sunlight on the water. I love not knowing….

Morpho butterfly at La Quinta

Before each trip, I try to set some goals for new subjects and photo techniques. In 2020 I want to work with my tripod more for longer exposures and some good early morning and evening shots. Our sunset at the beach on the Pacific (day 5) should be the ideal time to see what we can capture.

This Spring we’ll visit some familiar and favorite places, and as always, I’ll try for more variations on my bird images. 

©Jill Newton Moore, 2018


Hummingbirds are my muse, and I’m constantly trying to get clearer, better shots of them. I captured this image in San Gerardo de Dota, where we’ll be days 6 & 7. I think it’s a White-throated Mountain Gem, but I’m not positive. Our guide Carlos Chavarria is the ultimate bird expert, so he’ll surely correct me (gently of course) if I’m wrong.

And of course, the Resplendent Quetzal…. I do not have my definitive Quetzal image yet. We’ll take an early morning expedition (day 7) looking for this rare beauty. I didn’t see my first Quetzal until my 4th or 5th trip to CR. I’m hoping you’ll have better luck!

In 2020, we’ll also visit some places I haven’t experienced yet. I’ve never been to Uvita on the Pacific coast. I started reading about it a few years ago, so I’m looking forward to exploring it and experiencing the whale/dolphin watching boat trip. The entire Uvita experience will be a discovery in sights, sounds, and of course, great images.

Let me know what you’re excited about, what goals you have, or as always, any questions or concerns. I’ll do everything I can to make this the most exceptional photo expedition you’ve ever been on. And as always when contemplating Costa Rica, ¡pura vida!


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